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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a gallery stroll...

Here are some images from the installation of the from the tongue... exhibit. Of course, once I saw my images I realized that I forgot a few walls that I will have to shoot when I go back- that always seems to happen. I also have some close ups I will be sharing too... but today lets just take a stroll around the gallery. The above image is of the entry gallery, with Bren Ahearn's large sampler to draw the folks off the street in.

Right next to Bren's work is the incredible piece, The Great Milky Way, by Richard Saja- the piece is the transcription of a poem that he wrote- in braille. The work is amazing both visually and conceptually. And then many more lovely works gather on the wall.

Allison Manch's work above a painting by Kirsten Rae Simonsen.

a long view of the larger back space...

the sampler-esque wall of work with works by Bren Ahearn, JungEun Park, & Jennifer Hunold.

The opposite wall in the entry gallery with another great eye grabbing piece by Grant Olsen, pillows by Orly Cogan, and a sweet little piece by Kristen Wulff.

one last peek....

See more images of the exhibit here.

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