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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Play- Part 3

You can see my little contribution in the background and a new original felted work by plushPlay- Justin Alan Volp & Mariangela Tan.

Another round of the fabulous exhibit PLAY. Today we focus on some nice long shots as well as some individual pieces...

some nice long views with Katya Usvitsky bike in the center.

a "Robot " named Shaky by Kathy Weaver & a heart that asks to be hugged by Tyler Mackie.

Sophia Narrett's piece, which I love.

a quilt by Linda Frost and a felted gun by Ricki Dwyer.

a nice long shot of the gray curving wall in the gallery.

2 works by Kathy Halper, made from found Facebook images & text and some " bullet proof" onsies by Australian artist Di Ellis.

the knitted work by Candice Thompson.

Some more details and some features come tomorrow. Hope you are liking the tour.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Play- Part 2

Today, I will feature the 3 more "site specific" installations in Play.

Kathryn Greenwood Swanson's bird piece was recreated and scaled down in order to be included in the exhibit. Kathryn could not be there to install the work and I was beyond nervous about the time and effort of installing such a piece- but she made it beyond easy. Truth be told what should have been the hardest piece to install was actually one of the easiest. Thank you Kathryn.

It also is definitely a star in the exhibit taking up the space by the window just beautifully...

2nd is the work Primary Colors by Mary March who came in a week before the show, all the way from San Francisco, to install this new work. She designed the work specifically with the Textile Arts Center in mind - taking advantage of its gorgeous windows and its emphasis on weaving.

These shots were taken before the opening so do not display how it filled up with stories over the evening. Mary created hundreds of hand drawn images on canvas to be woven into the piece so that the viewer could add their personal story to the piece. Tomorrow I will be heading to the gallery and will be sure to take some pictures of the now activated piece.

As you can see Mary's piece looks gorgeous in the window with sunlight streaming in. The last site specific work that was done was an idea of my making of combining the work of Maggy Rozycki Hiltner and Mallory Feltz.

Mallory who did the work of the stuffed animals in plexi boxes was in my last exhibit at the Textile Center and Maggy is someone who's work I have admired for quite awhile now and... when I saw the 2 pieces I wanted to include them both but Maggy's Shop for America was sooo long it took most of the wall and since the ceilings are so high seemed like it would not feel as lively as I would like. So with the permission of both artists I installed them together to make what I think is a fun and exciting collaboration.

More images and details of all this coming your way.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Play. Part 1.

The fabulous Coat of Many Colors by Kathryn Greenwood Swanson.

The only 2 black and white pieces in the exhibit; Au Diapason by Magali Rizzo and a 2 panel work by Julia Elsas.

A wall grouping of some incredible works. From left to right; Lydia Reinhold, Jan Johnson, Daniaelle Simonsen, & Amanda McCavour.

A side view that shows the dimensionality of Amanda McCavour's work.

Many more images to come over the next few days.


Look at this awesome crowd of art lovers.

The opening this past Friday was a huge success. The crowd was well a crowd, always a good thing. The gallery was full, the artists flew in from all over the U.S., the art looked great, the wine was drunk, and the night was grand.

Check out these folks catching their fist glimpse of the fabulous...

Robert Reed performing Amber Alert: Who stole the Baby Jesus from the manger?

and some folks watching near Candice Thompson's piece.

some folks weaving a story on Mary March's interactive piece.

It was truly wonderful that so many of the artists came in for the opening and it was such an honor to meet all of them that did.

some more fabulous crowd, including the extremely talented Maggy Rozycki Hiltner

Katya Usvitsky in a yellow dress near her awesome yellow knitted bicycle.

I look forward to the artist's talk and the workshops that are part of the exhibit. Hope to see you then. Until then remember to PLAY!

Friday, May 13, 2011

a little peek...

I know you are all so excited to see PLAY at its opening tonight...
and you should be - it is such a dynamic, fun, and yes playful exhibit.

There is work from all over the globe, literally, and it is all GOOD.

So please, oh please stop by and join us TONIGHT:

curated by Joetta Maue

Opening Tonight: 7-9 p.m.

Textile Arts Center
505 Carroll St, btwn 4th and 3rd.

So this is just a little tiny peek of what there is to see....

Tag YOU are it!

Monday, May 2, 2011


image by Amanda McCavour

curated by Joetta Maue

May 13-June 24, 2011
Opening: Friday, May 13, 7-9pm

Play- fun or jest...a game? a toy? a bully? a tease? a hair pull? a game of tag? a snowball fight? a kick or a pinch?

Play is an experience we all know- one that can bring us laughter and perhaps at times bring us tears. The dualities that exist within play are what make it a rich subject for the 2011 spring exhibit at the Textile Arts Center.

Most everyone has happily played on the playground but also been left out, made fun of, and teased. Through the exhibit this complexity within play is revealed. In addition to the thematic thread of the exhibit, we also celebrate the extensive risks and playfulness that emerging fiber artists are exploring in their medium and techniques.

Bren Ahearn, Paula do Prado, Ricki Dwyer, Di Ellis, Julia Elsas, Mallory Feltz, Linda Frost, Mira Gelley, Kathy Halper, Maggy Rozycki Hiltner, Jan Johnson, Eunkyung Lee, Tyler Mackie, Mary March, Joetta Maue, Amanda McCavour, Sophia Narrett, Robert Reed, Lydia Reinhold, Magali Rizzo, Julie Roch-Cuerrier, Daniaelle Simonsen, Carol Sogard, Kathryn Greenwood Swanson, Mariangela Tan & Justin Alan Volpe, Candice Thompson, Vadis Turner, Katya ­­­­Usvitsky, Kathy Weaver

Artist Talk: Monday, June 13, 7pm
Play workshop, Sunday, June 12, 1-5pm

Textile Arts Center is located at 505 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY 11215.
Gallery hours are
Mon - Friday: 10AM - 6PM
Sat - Sun : 11AM - 5PM