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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ready for your close-up

Here are some closer up shots from the from the tongue... install. Enjoy.
The above works are 2 gorgeous watercolors by Jee Hwang & a sweet glass piece by Mary Coss.

A view of the gorgeous pillows and bears by Orly Cogan. I promise when I go back I will get some detailed shots of these. The saying's on the pillows generally reference the rejection and struggle of being an artist. Such as "we are not accepting applications at this time."

Here is my only shot of Leslie Nichols amazing typewriter portrait. The entire face is built out of layered typewriter text. I have no idea how she plans these pieces but they are quite lovely and technically very impressive. I guess I need a close-up of that too.

Some lovely newspaper dresses by the incredibly sweet and adorable Sarah Bahr, an old Sampler by Leila Daw, and an incredible sampler by Rubi McGrory- the bead work on it is astounding.

I mean WOW I have never seen cockroaches look so gorgeous!

a shot of the wall with small works- so many of which were just incredible!!! Mr. X Stitch contributed the hilarious small round cross stitch pieces. Eloise de Hauteclocque let me exhibit her charming and thoughtful gloves, and the many, many teeny tiny french knots by Iviva of FiberGraf were quite impressive.

and just as a sneak peek to the last post this week on from the tongue..., I will share some artist shots tomorrow just in case you love having a face to a name. Here is Iviva Olevick & Jon Baker from the collaborative group FiberGraf in front of Marilyn Henrion's gorgeous quilt.

more faces tomorrow.

And if you think from the tongue... looks good just wait until you see my next show at the Textile Arts Center- application details here.

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