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Monday, June 28, 2010

a warm thursday night...

So today as you visit imagine this: a warm Thursday evening in the heart of Tribeca, jazz music on the radio, a glass of white wine in hand, great art all around, fabulous people milling about, and that way you can begin to experience the wonderful opening of from the tongue...

The image above shows the gallery before the rush began- artists Sarah Bahr and Lathorial Badenhausen catch up.

and then by 8:05 pm, the opening officially started at 8, the gallery was packed with artists, art enthusiasts, fiber lovers, and the like, and the crowd stayed throughout the evening.

Folks really enjoyed getting to meet other fiber and text artists many of whom they knew online and now know in person. It was wonderful how many of you, my blog readers, came out to the show and how many virtual friendships became real ones. Everyone gave cheers with wine and talked fabulous art.

At about 9:00 we had a live performance by artist Marcy Chevali, in the brown dress in back, who wrapped us with fiber and words as the crowd read words from her unraveling "balls of yarn." Artist Iviva Olenick of FiberGraf assists in the unraveling.

and by 10 pm the crowd had began to disperse, the art absorbed, the wine all drunk, the friendships made. (artist Grant Olsen looking dapper in his gray suit)

What a wonderful night in a wonderful space with absolutely utterly wonderful people.
Tomorrow I will share shots of just the install so you can see the art more clearly.

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