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Monday, May 16, 2011


Look at this awesome crowd of art lovers.

The opening this past Friday was a huge success. The crowd was well a crowd, always a good thing. The gallery was full, the artists flew in from all over the U.S., the art looked great, the wine was drunk, and the night was grand.

Check out these folks catching their fist glimpse of the fabulous...

Robert Reed performing Amber Alert: Who stole the Baby Jesus from the manger?

and some folks watching near Candice Thompson's piece.

some folks weaving a story on Mary March's interactive piece.

It was truly wonderful that so many of the artists came in for the opening and it was such an honor to meet all of them that did.

some more fabulous crowd, including the extremely talented Maggy Rozycki Hiltner

Katya Usvitsky in a yellow dress near her awesome yellow knitted bicycle.

I look forward to the artist's talk and the workshops that are part of the exhibit. Hope to see you then. Until then remember to PLAY!

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