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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Play- Part 3

You can see my little contribution in the background and a new original felted work by plushPlay- Justin Alan Volp & Mariangela Tan.

Another round of the fabulous exhibit PLAY. Today we focus on some nice long shots as well as some individual pieces...

some nice long views with Katya Usvitsky bike in the center.

a "Robot " named Shaky by Kathy Weaver & a heart that asks to be hugged by Tyler Mackie.

Sophia Narrett's piece, which I love.

a quilt by Linda Frost and a felted gun by Ricki Dwyer.

a nice long shot of the gray curving wall in the gallery.

2 works by Kathy Halper, made from found Facebook images & text and some " bullet proof" onsies by Australian artist Di Ellis.

the knitted work by Candice Thompson.

Some more details and some features come tomorrow. Hope you are liking the tour.


  1. Thanks for posting these images Joetta. I am loving the virtual tour of the exhibition and only wish I could have been there for the opening!

  2. Hey Joetta,
    These images look great. Fun show. Wish I could have been there!
    Kathy Weaver